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This supervisor master class aims to enhance supervisors’ reflective capacity and ability to implement process-oriented supervisory techniques to enhance students’ reflective practice. Largely experiential, this workshop will provide participants with a training experience that parallels that of process-oriented supervision. Integrating principles from competency-based, psychodynamic supervision and deliberate practice models, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own supervisory practice, increase their competence as supervisors, and learn specific skills to address the meta-competency of capacity for reflective practice in supervision.


Wednesdays 14 & 28 October, 1-4pm

2-Part Online Workshop

Facilitators: Dr Rebecca Bargenquast & Dr Mirela Wagner

Cost: $415


This supervisor master class covers principles and methods of supervision for psychologists with an interest in psychodynamic therapy and relational approaches, with a focus on competency-based supervision, a relational model of supervision, and deliberate practice. The course is designed to familiarise participants with competencies for psychology practice and psychodynamic therapy. The unit is also designed to assist participants in developing knowledge and skills for successfully integrating these competencies in the supervision of early career psychologists. The workshop experience will provide participants with first-hand experience of deliberate practice exercises and reflective practice techniques, in particular the facilitation of a reflective learning environment and supervisee use of countertransference.



What we will cover:

· Psychodynamic therapy competencies

· Supervision case vignettes

· Using reflective practice to identify strengths & weaknesses as supervisor

· Facilitating supervisee use of countertransference

· Relational model of supervision

· Use of process notes

· Supervision of supervision - bring along a challenging supervision

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